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Houseplant Care

In our Mar Mar 'Sunday School’ stories on instagram we talked about drainage, which for us is one of the key elements in looking after houseplants. Getting your drainage set-up right is super easy, your plants will thank you by thriving beautifully! Here’s a mini illustrated guide which will help you increase humidity levels for tropical and sub-tropical species.

Pebble set up for pots without holes 

Are the edges of your plants’ leaves turning yellow or getting spots of brown? There are many reasons to why this can happen, but the most common include overwatering or lack of drainage.  

When using terracotta or ceramic decorative planters that have no drainage holes, we find it’s best to keep your houseplant inside their original plastic pots. Overwatering combined with lack of drainage can be a major cause of root rot. We definitely want to avoid this as it will result in your houseplant looking quite poorly and can often end up being fatal. The last thing we want is to destroy a plant, especially when we’ve nurtured it through the seasons. 

What has always worked well for us here at Mar Mar is to put a layer of gravel/pebbles down inside a decorative planter, then sit your plant pot on top. The gravel/pebbles will hold water and increase humidity, while keeping your plant’s roots up out of the puddle. 

One thing to bear in mind with this method is that if you water too much, the level of water will rise above the gravel/pebbles and you will end up with the problem we are trying to avoid. A quick fix for this is to lift the plastic pot out of the decorative planter to check the level of water. This will also allow you to see whether the plant is outgrowing its pot as roots may be presenting themselves through the holes in the bottom.

Pebble set up for pots with holes 

If your pot has drainage holes you can plant directly inside. You can fill a saucer or tray with pebbles and water and place the planter on top to create ambient humidity. It gives a similar effect to the previous technique and both are equally effective.

Here at Mar Mar we think that eye-catching plants combined with slick pots are an interior design combo to die for! Check out our pots to select the best options and give your plants a stunning new home. 

Please share your pictures and stories with us, we’d love to see what you guys are up to!