World Earth Day 2021



Here at Mar Mar we’d like to celebrate World Earth Day 2021 by telling you guys a little bit about what we’ve been up to…
We not only care about indoor houseplants, but also about the future of our planet and its biodiversity. Protecting our collective home is more important than ever. That is why, in secret, we have been planting a tree for every online sale made. We also offset the carbon emissions for every member of our staff and draw all of our electric energy from the renewable grid. We are big supporters of positive climate action, working hard to reduce CO2e from the atmosphere and aim to be climate positive.
We are all aware of the impact our lives are costing the environment and most of us (including ourselves) have a habit of sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the evidence out there. Because of this attitude; carbon emissions, polluting the Oceans and the shocking rate of deforestation, Earth is sadly not going to be able to save itself from the damage that’s continually going on. Just like with the other threats to humankind, we need to club together and do our part. We also need to hold corporations more accountable by switching to greener technology and supporting businesses with environmentally-friendly credentials instead.

This is why we continue to shift what we stock, focusing on high quality items (many from recycled materials) that have long term value. As consumers, so much of what we buy becomes landfill. We here at Mar Mar have a philosophy - when it comes to stocking items - that they need to have a resale value in the second hand market and aren’t too much of a short term trend, maintaining a long term appeal. Classic design and high quality build. 

We have found that planting trees is a high impact solution, offsetting some of the less avoidable traces of our carbon footprint. In the last couple of months alone, we have planted over 500 trees, Mangroves in Madagascar, as well as helped reforest in Changalane, Mozambique and Bosawas, Nicaragua. This means that we have so far offset 10.58 tonnes of CO2e and all purchases at Mar Mar have made a valuable and environmentally friendly impact. We will continue to grow trees for each purchase forever more and also explore other ways in which we can make positive change in our industry.

Mangrove Planting

We also understand reforestation is not the sole solution to the problem but hope, that combined with our other efforts, it will make a small but positive impact.

It is not only up to the rule-makers and people in charge, but it is up to us all to resolve the climate crisis. There are so many environmentally friendly solutions out there, and we have picked one of them to help avoid the damage that is caused by carbon emissions.

Tell us about your strategies, we always love hearing about what people are up to!

Happy Earth Day everyone!