Root Nurture Grow by Ro Co
Root Nurture Grow by Ro Co

Root Nurture Grow by Ro Co

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Life with a potted plant is undeniably better. And better yet is the ability to multiply and share new, healthy houseplants without ever having to visit a garden centre again. 

And here's the secret: it's really, really easy.

With Root, Nurture, Grow, you'll quickly discover how to take cuttings, cultivate runners and offsets, divide plants at the roots and even grow brand new root systems in the air. You'll discover pruning methods, organic rooting recipes, and practical DIY projects to better nurture and display your expanding plant family.

‘Another gorgeous, informative book from Rose and Caro th at I can see myself referring to, soil-handed, for years.’ Alice Vincent 

‘Wow! So much information delivered so succinctly. Beautifully illustrated with honest imagery and packed full of encouragement for the aspiring indoor gardener.’ Magnus and India of Haarkon